Duane Jackson VS

by Duane Jackson

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2013 GRB from Rapmusic.com


released August 26, 2013

Duane Jackson




Duane Jackson New York

Whats good my people!

To keep it simple, I love music. I've released 2 projects titled "Duane Jacksons Day Off" (2012) & "Person of Interest" (2013). Currently I'm working on my 3rd project for 2017 after a short hiatus. Catch me on TwitchTV as well @iamduanejackson

I appreciate everyone rockin with me!
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Track Name: Round 1 vs Con.Found.Dead
Hearing you talk man you clearly is a lame
An ya mannerisms was nearing that of dames
So I kinda understand why you put both them periods in ya name
You know you a bitch an you just trying build up to the change
You like the hype man
For every rapper that has never held a mic stand
We needa put you on the corner with the right hat
A couple dolls, a jar of change some lemonade, mickeys an a bright mask
I swear I heard you'd pull some little bitches just like that
His face lit, said appreciate it an told me he'd be right back
yo, I'm hatin how your blog is on calm shit
actin like this battle rap is something you the boss in
nigga you in a tiger shirt sitting at ya moms crib
or else you got an 80+ woman you don't belong with
an that'd be creepier than shit cause yo the scenery is hit
that pussies like kissing ET on the lips
he'd do anything for much love
get em dumb drunk bring em to the GW an yell "son jump"
an i hope you do, dyings easy motherfucker i can coach you through
posted at job, grab em up yoked in the car
told em its on an then i roped em an i rolled with the saw
don't know where you are, its the place where aint no one evolved
wanna be a pastor this verse'll get you closer to god
i swear, i ever see you with a kid you gettin blasted on
i don't care if you only trying help em put his jacket on
plus you got no passion for this shit
so its cool that you named confounded thats exactly what you is
you made a blog before the battle for acknowledgement
an all you accomplished is making asher look like pac or big
far as that i think you gay bro
you was flutterin eyelashes more than these bitches sitting at drake shows
next time you drive I'm praying to god your brakes go
an when ya fam asks em to save you i hope they say no
i hope you die the slowest death that you can aim for
an if you ever start to recover i hope you change course
this is evil rap nigga i hope you brang yours
cause round 1 I'm sending you places you thought you can't tour
studied theology a great core
ironic it taught you about the gods yet I'm one of em you aint trained for
i mean look at you.. its looking like you paint floors
an when it comes to being a man you look like you aint sure
so you set to die for the fact that you never ride
this disruptors gonna send crusher back to the enterprise
there's no escaping this battle unless you energize
so for his sake I'm hoping they beaming scotty some better rhymes
In other words you far from the clutch
an your hand movements make you autistic or awkward as fuck
you gotta learn to perform ya rappings awful enough
you the type of person to lose an claim its all for the fun
i hate you, feel like I'm downtown an caught with a scrub
you one of them niggas that gets lost in a hug, no homo
thats what you saying when you caught given rubs
but you need stop that an admit that you just wanna get fucked
this little prissy boy sitting back an commenting us
when the truth is its just bottled in love rapmusic made you
claim you wasn't here an following us
when you know damn well the style that you dropping with was
Track Name: Round 2 vs DZK
you even think of throwing a javelin ill grab it quick
an give you the same treatment your daddy did
you like JJ Reddick before the magic split
whole team wack as shit an yet when it came to the game you still had to sit
bet you got you an apartment with the clan you in
OJ's likes snatching kids, Ill Chris takes acid hits
Bux tries to touch em an tell em that he imagined it
Well DZ's out bagging chics 16 and a half an shit
Andrew Jackson clever as fuck
parents named you after a president, thats never been done
but the only thing that you're the president of is the never been club
cause GRB winner's what you've never been once
i'm mad, asked for an ill battle an drew(Andrew) Jackson
like who the fuck is Andrew Jackson, oh I get it Andrew's Jacks son
'Knife(Jackknife) come over an scoop ya fam up
before he gets the same fuckin treatment I'm bound to hand Bux
bet you running's a remarkable display
cause you fat nigga an plus you look like arnold in the legs
but, i should ease up no matter what you speak of
you like that cream puff from ghost busters G'd up (stay puft!)
think you got me come an try it
rapmusics dwight howard, only way to lose what i deserve's to bias[Tobias]
i mean, music's type wack
CD why'd you hype that
receipt should say I'm sorry but refunds don't give ya life back
an you should probably thank Warbux for the coat ride
cause you've only had dope lines if we talking bout the blown kind
you spent your whole life trying float by
only thing Kirby inhaled in this world was coke lines an old guys
34 but sounds 57 in nose time
an spent most of his life in a nose dive
but you spider of this website got lines by every post
yet when the finals come around we never find no rhymes to quote
but wait, you rap with canibus.. nigga that is bad as shit
except for every track hes in should probably be the last he did
running around claiming the battle champ, dizaster spit
your hero jumped right up in that bag an zipped
you gon' probably do the same soon as the cameras flip
so you shoulda took Cires lead an quit to save yourself the embarrassment
i mean you had a good run[Campaign] but you lost the flare[Flair] to live
so better hope you woo the board[Comittee] or else you'll need a chair[Seat] to win
heard ya boyfriend Bux calls you by diskette(DZK-ette)
which makes me so uncomfortable that i aint got a punch to use
but flipping bars is what you love to do, 'gainst Bonnie did a couple too
I guess ill call you CDRW
ironic you claim DZK[Disc] when it won't play right
its way outta date, not reliable, and poor stage life
it scratches an if crack don't kill it I'm guessing change might
you picked the perfect name thats exactly what you were made like
i can see you up at camp troy
sitting in the bathroom pretending you Em spittin' trying to change voice
had a flow but you just made noise
you like mega man 7 you stole half a ya style from the game boy[GameBoy]
an that just makes you a lame you need to change ploys
re-evaluate everything that you think you came for
instead you actin like there's no one better
its like you an bux trying make it to the finals so ya'll can choke together
.. its kinda sweet me
i heard you hold em when he needs to sleep
whispering in his ear like "no one needs to speak"
bet this nigga thought this tourney was an easy G
cause when it comes to Bux[Bucks] you keep War in-between the sheets[Paperwork]

your lifes biggest accomplishment is getting in that GRB slot
the ironic shit is you've never reached the top of it
you've tried all these years an still aint improved the spot you in
its time you've acknowledged it
you gotta admit that internet star shit got you bottled in
its obvious it comes across as far more of a gimmick than a following
you a prisoner of these forums that you prowl in
stuck in the same closet janitor hung his towel in
the truth hurts my nigga you gotta swallow it
reality hits harder than any punches you got to give
you don't deserve to submit
the last 9 years you fell short in every finals verse that you spit
you paid countless other artists to try to work you a hit
an fell flat and got a boo'd every time you worked you a gig
been with 20 voting rings an can't turn it to wins
you embarrass this site an every single tourney you in
you own family even hates you for the person you is
gave you every privilege in life an yet you turned into this
so i hope you die slow for never learning to live
an fuck a punchline i murdered you with personal shit
Track Name: Round 3 vs Punches & Bazooka Joe
yo jook i got a bone to pick
how the fuck you go an pit me against some niggas that don't exist
i mean they got an online personality
but outside of this battling they don't do shit
they're like the '02 Nim(rod)
punches never threw a punch in life he said that he above that
got shoved in lockers in school an prayed to god that they come back
type of nigga that struggles to grow a mustache
its probably cause you have the same characteristics a cunt has
when i look at you i wonder why you chose this
your hopeless
unless you learn to photoshop a flow in
shits sad, every time you dress you look mismatched
you wanna be lame but macklemore already did that
I'm no one you can get past although they say you real nice
it feels light, the difference is my punches land in real life
i mean you gotta see this nigga try an love a chic
he's gotta study drunken fist as awkward as punches is
thats gotta be the dumbest name that you can come up with
especially when you embody everything that it doesn't fit
I'm just sayin i aint hating thats the facts kid
go tell a crowd your name is punches.. an tape they reaction
now you looking like you just got sonned
trying act like you nice on stage but you just not cut
say you only fuckin girls cause its just not love
but by how many games you play its clear your ex box won (xbox one)
liar, aint no shit for me to run with
watching boxings the only time that I've ever seen consistency in punches
riding round in his chevy white/black
type gassed singing jeezy in his betty white swag
bet he likes that, till i come an take his whole system
and ill leave punches missing like when silva faced griffin
get your words maimed for thinking you could merk jay
your flows bout accepted as miley cyrus twerk game
you so soft that you constantly have the hurt face
an after seeing pics it won't surprise me if you turned gay
it's like ya score up, that light in ya closet got its cord cut
you a fanny pack away from Warbux

Buzzooka Joe:
as far as battling wird i don't give a fuck if its true
that he bagged an underage girl he look a hundred from you
he ate food off the plate you was accustomed to use
gave you the same treatment he gave bitches he fucked in those schools
yet, you walk around like you got nothing to prove
when you one of the worst rappers to ever jump in the pool
you'd drown without those floaties you swimming in the deep end
breathe less, ya vocal tone sounds like a rejects
pop quiz, who the hell told you that you rock shit
cause he should probably die the same fuckin death that pac did
you play double dutch
one of the softest rappers coming up
i mean everyone already knows that bazookas bubble gum
you make me feel like this a comedy short
so if, you bazooka joe than punches gotta be mort, fags
you a sucker proof is no one ever runs with you
ya bitch ugly too and you still lucky that she fucks with you
but you burn down the club, you that herb that i love
on the dance floor yelling turn down for what
you probably the type that goes out an bowls with kids
when it comes to pussy its like it don't exist
say you got it then you full of shit
cause when ya moms makes you late is the only time that you ever gon' pull a chic
how you liking that corner you getting bullied in
if joe got bazookas I'm thinking he better pull em quick
heard his song game its wacker than you'd ever think
going to war's the only way buzzooka's killing anything
on that stage you'll get pressed like, who the fuck you came with an when
i bet he change up his steps
you a lame, you just feign you a rep
my only wish in life is hoping miguel will leg drop you next
even the internet is going by the shooters code
you say you click an i aint buying it i think bazookas broke
an fuck Bux what you 5 foot 3 tall
you been here for 20 years i think its time you leave dog
mad i beat on ya girlfriend, fine ill meet ya'll
an show you exactly why my grind exceeds yours
this is light, the only use what i need form
as soon as i get Bux you'll see exactly what I'm here for

fuck bux, fuck dz, fuck ya goonies click
fuck everybody on this board that thinks they(goonies) doing shit
fuck jook, fuck the steroids he was shooting in his past
fuck whoever thinks bazooka isn't trash
fuck punches for never throwing his punches right
fuck ya life, fuck everybody who's ever told you nice
fuck the mic you hold, an fuck the booth you spat it in
fuck giving DZ a free ride because your fans of him
fuck rapmusic an fuck the way you fucked with it
fuck this whole tournament an fuck whoevers running it
Track Name: Semi-Finals vs Warbux
when i dissed DZ bout canibus i aint heard that mix
found out Bux was on it now I'm mad i learned thats him
you said ya verse was a gift.. id return that quick
then travel the world killing anyone who burned that shit
nigga you so skinny it looks like you having chest pains
this shits lame
i feel like I'm battling jooks left leg
man its gotta be the bitch in you
it looks like someone told you to keep it short an you took that shit literal
yet he acting like he sosa in stance, known as the champ
but he bit off way more than he can
nigga you no one an sound hopeless on track
throwing pissy fits to dzk is the only time you over react
speaking of DZK he talks of being booed off stage
ya'll got that in common you see a crowd an lose all faith
hows it feel to know you aint built for them moves ya'll claim
an unfortunately the online schoolyard changed
now you keep ya on eyes on ya feet you silent an weak
cause thinking you fly's exactly why you died on the screen
I'm the man that you been trying to be
in other words what I'm saying is that I'm black an i can rhyme on a beat
homie, i don't ever fight broads but soon as I'm in sight'a ya'll
its gonna feel like charity the way that i get that right(write) off
lets say that you aint choke, just maybe they put the mic wrong
or maybe it was all a setup an they just aint like ya'll
with phife dawg stature and a guarantee your music wack
its safe to say the only thing you gonna produce is laughs
this nigga would freeze if there was a cat in the room
like mom i told I'm gonna rap in the booth
i got a battle to do
if i even think someones here ill stop acting as cool as i feel have to an ill actually lose
i gotta admit you got unique battling views
but fuck battling interacting's a challenge to you
you remind me of every faggot that was back in my school
trying act like the dude an still aint made half of a move
if you have a son, he's better off a bastard than you
being the father .. i mean we see how DZK turned out
why bother
all you do is echo artists when you rap shit
you has been, you spent your whole life as an ad-lib
what makes me mad is you aint worth no shit
i bet in the studio you choke 'fore every verse you spit
even at drive-throughs friends order from the passenger seat
cause Bux is scared that he'll choke before he actually eats
his passion is weak, unless he's got some pills to take
an you still aint great, you an DZ's like Will & Grace
if you ever think to come live and try an touch me one time
ill put hands on War like we battling on the front line
fuck you an what you think you got for me
you not emcees you just a buncha faggots with a common gene
who got together an thought hey maybe we can rock the scene
but choking back to back well, I'm thinking thats a sign to leave
an i can tell you got fear for the floor
when you voted there was 10 punchlines you clearly ignored
so even think of comin near me on tour
ill make you swallow that iPhone then we'll really have a Siri in War (Syrian War)
you get hyped up for everything you write up
ya life? punk'd
i bet you've never really held a mic once
but gots the right stuff cause he looks like the addicts did
the bags under his eyes look like the same size he travels with
i heard you know every single word to magic stick
an when you sing the song to DZK it relaxes him
I'm kinda pissed organik gotten you on
you represented the GRB and then you dropped the baton
you should quit an just rock with a job, try an live life
the face palm was probably the only thing that you did right
ya battle made me more suicidal than sever got
cause that was clearly the most painful thing that i have ever watched
an thats exactly why you're someone that i'm bored with
id forfeit but fuck it jook paid me to record this

in that canibus track you said you spent years down in the basement to be the baddest in rap
the only problems once you had you the chance
you got in front of the crowd, made 3 sounds… and ran back to the van
i mean its fucked up, all them years you can't get em back
so you holed up on RM an trying to act like the man
its funny, you an canibus have the same battling stats
your whole lifes a punchline an theres no battling that
so the real reason i aint fuckin with your rhymes
is cause your musics a concussion to the mind
i mean we all know Trayvon heard bucks(Bux) an then he died